Install directions

This section covers the basics of how to download and install DMagic.


Install from Anaconda python3.x.

Before using DMagic you need to have setup an account on Globus, installed a Globus Connect Personal endpoint on the APS computer you want to share data from and met the the Globus Command Line Interface (CLI) pre-requisites.

To access the APS scheduling system you need valid APS credentials.

Finally you must also create in your home directory configuration files for globus and scheduling systems.

Installing from source

Install the following:

pip install suds-py3
pip install ipdb
pip install validate-email
pip install pyinotify

Clone the DMagic from GitHub repository:

git clone DMagic


cd DMagic
python install

Installing from Conda/Binstar (coming soon)

First you must have Conda installed, then open a terminal or a command prompt window and run:

conda install -c dmagic

Updating the installation (coming soon)

Data Management is an active project, so we suggest you update your installation frequently. To update the installation run in your terminal:

conda update -c dmagic

For some more information about using Conda, please refer to the docs.